Julian Quayles oral history interview, part 3 of 4, September 8, 2007


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Julian Quayles' interview is combined with Ray Wells.

Julian Quayles discusses what happens after he escapes from the German soldiers. Julian with another Officer, finds shelter on an Italian civilian's property until they can rejoin the American lines. Julian does not reunite with the American troops until mid-October.

Ray Wells and his Company are training until their next action. They move to Mount Rotondo. Ray discusses the attitudes of the civilians. Food is scarce during the wartimes.

At Mount Rotondo, everyone in Ray's squad is hit by artillery fire. Ray is hospitalized for several weeks. During his recovery, he meets General MacArthur and Hideichi Shimabukuro from the 100th.

When Ray receives news about his brother, he goes AWOL but returns to the frontlines. After recovery, Ray attaches himself to G Company (rifle company) and goes to San Pietro, Italy.

During this time, Julian and his troops are in Monte Cassino. After Monte Cassino, Julian is Battalion S3 (Plans and Training Officer). He is promoted a few more times throughout the European Theater when the higher officers are killed in action.

Even though there are many losses of soldiers from combat, Julian says the morale remains the same. Replacements are brought in to help with the men killed in action or wounded in action.

In Rome, Julian remembers there is a lot of marching. The Germans have set up a few diversions for the American soldiers such as roadblocks and Middle Eastern soldiers to help on the ground. Julian recalls before Monte Cassino, he is sitting on the mountain and watching two British Army soldiers.

Both Ray and Julian discuss the German weapons, mines, and observations planes.





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