Shigeo Iwamasa oral history interview, part 2 of 3, September 11, 2007


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In Berlin, Shigeo Iwamasa is assigned to be a driver. He describes the experience driving through the bombed cities in Germany. In Koblenz, there is a distinctive smell due to the dead bodies under the building rubbles. The bombed cities in Germany are like ghost towns.

On a lighter side, Shigeo shares a funny story about the Mess Hall in Marseilles, France. Besides Shigeo serving in the army, his three other brothers have a military career as well. Shigeo's Issei father is very proud of his sons for serving their country.

While overseas, Shigeo says there is a Black Market. He says some hot items go for high prices. As a result, the Army passes a ruling that you can exchange items only 10 percent above your Army pay.

On December 18, 1945, Shigeo is discharged in Oahu, Hawaii, and returns home to Maui. Shigeo is not able to find a good job and reenlist in the Army. He is deployed to the Korean War and is a Battalion Mechanic.

After being discharged from the Korean War, Shigeo is highly decorated with serval awards and medals such as two combat badges, two good conduct medals, and one Bronze Star.

Post-war, Shigeo goes to National School in Los Angeles, California for a year. Eventually, Shigeo gets a position at Northrop Grumman and is promoted several times before retiring.





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