Leo Morishita oral history interview, part 3 of 4, September 11, 2007


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From Fort Meade, Leo Morishita goes to Newport Dunes, Virginia, for additional training and his final medical shots. Leo boards the USS West Point and goes overseas. The voyage takes 24 days, and Leo describes the daily routine on the ship before they arrive at their destination.

The three Morishita brothers, Kenzo, Leo, and Yutaka, all serve during World War Two but have different duties. Kenzo is Leo's older brother, is in I Company, and one of the eight survivors from the Los battalion Rescue. Leo discusses Kenzo's near-death experience during his combat with German soldiers. Yutaka is the youngest brother, who is in the Air Corps in Germany.

Leo recalls the last push and the Gothic Line. The 442nd encounters many casualties. Previously at Camp Shelby, Leo learns weapon training. Leo is a rifleman for three weeks before he is reassigned to the 442nd as a placement. As a rifleman, Leo carries a Browning Automatic Rifle BR-88.

When Leo is a medic, he recalls treating two soldiers. He describes each event. Leo also shares a story about two Hawaiian soldiers he meets at the medic station.



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