Leo Morishita oral history interview, part 4 of 4, September 11, 2007


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Before going overseas, the three Morishita brothers, Kenzo, Leo, and Yutaka receives a good luck charm from their mother. After his tour, Leo receives a ribbon for being in the European Theater and a good conduct medal for his service. At the end of Leo's service, he is an Army is technician 5th grade and discharges in Italy. For the earnings he makes serving in the Army, Leo sends money home to his parents. Post-war Kenzo, Leo, and Yutaka return home safely.

At a USO show, Leo meets an Italian girl name Ebe. Leo and Ebe date for two years before getting married. When the war ends, Leo decides to stay in Italy. Leo shares his story of how he finds a civilian job in the War Department.

Leo and Ebe have a fairytale wedding in Livorno. They have a church ceremony and a reception at Ristorante Republica. Leo and Ebe are married for 52 years and have two children and a grandchild.

Leo moves back to the United States when the Italian offices close. He describes his homecoming experience and introducing his wife to his Issei parents. Leo has the intention to enroll at Idaho University but ends up in the grocery business. He retires in 1998 after being in the grocery business for 52 years.

Leo discusses attending three reunions and gives advice for future generations about a military career.



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1923 Dec 24

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