Dan Uchimoto oral history interview, part 2 of 4, October 14, 2007


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Dan Uchimoto explains the meaning of his last name "Uchimoto" in Japanese. In Japan, "Uchimoto" means original home. "Uchi" means a kind of home, "Moto" means original home or basic home. Besides farming, Dan's parents have two additional businesses. A goldfish business, and a single gas pump station.

At an early age, Dan has many responsibilities beyond his years. He works in the family business and cares for his siblings. Life is a struggle, but Dan is grateful for the learning opportunities.

After the Pearl Harbor attack, the FBI takes away Dan's father to a detention center. Then evacuation orders are announced. Dan leaves the University of California, Berkeley, during his sophomore year and goes to camp with his mother. Dan and his mother go to Turlock and then Gila River. Dan's brother goes to Swarthmore College and his sister, Amy attends Boston University for a year.

Dan leaves camp to continue his education. He attends Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. He describes his college and Berkeley years and working part-time.

In camp, Dan is given a questionnaire. He explains the answers "no-no" and "yes-yes". Dan answers "yes-yes" and that makes him eligible for being drafted. Dan receives his draft notice when he is at Loras College.





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