Dan Uchimoto oral history interview, part 3 of 4, October 14, 2007


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In Iowa, Dan Uchimoto receives a draft notice from the Army and leaves Loras College. Dan's parents leave camp voluntarily and resettle in the East. However, some people stay in camp until World War Two ends. A family friend tells Dan's parents about a job opportunity for a family in Westerville, Ohio. Dan's parents move to Ohio and work for a retired General Motors executive.

Dan goes to Camp Blanding, Jacksonville, Florida, for basic training. Basic training is for seventeen weeks long. In Florida, Dan learns about Jim Crow and segregation. Dan shares a story about racism.

He goes to northern Italy in 1945. Dan is assigned to the Rifle Platoon, Company C, 100th Battalion. The 442nd at the time has lost hundreds of men in the Bruyeres Campaign and are resting in Menton while waiting for replacements. Dan joins the 442nd in January 1945. In April 1945, they go to Northern Italy for the final push.

Dan recalls Platoon Sergeant Burt Tanaka allowing him to switch assignments. Three days later, Dan leaves the Riflemen Platoon and joins is in the Weapons Platoon as an ammunition carrier.

During the war in Italy, Dan carries a magazine with him that brings him comfort during combat. He discusses the disadvantages in the Italian Campaign and the life of an Army soldier during wartimes.

When the German soldiers surrender, Dan's company is assigned to guard the prisoners of war. Dan gets to know some of them and says they are nice people. For his service in the Army, Dan receives a Combat Infantryman Badge for 90 days of combat. He also receives a badge for his efforts in the Italian Campaign. In 1945, the atomic bomb is drop-in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, and Dan is still in Italy. Dan is not discharged until 1946.





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