Shoichi Kimura oral history interview, part 3 of 3, October 14, 2007


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Kimura discusses his reaction to arriving in Naples following his basic training. Next, he talks about his job as a mine sweeper throughout the war and the dangers that he faced while doing that. He also talks about the various battles that he was involved with, as he was there for the duration of the European campaign. He would experience many different things during his time overseas, and at the end of the war, he would decide to stay in the mainland and continue his education with the GI bill. He would get discharged, and begin his college education at Stockton College, followed by College of the Pacific in northern California. He would end up being an school instructor, and pave the way for many Asian American teachers. Next, he talks about how he met his wife and the family that they created. Finally, he talks about a message for future generations to have fun and get a good education.






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