Minoru Miyasaki oral history interview, part 1 of 4, October 15, 2007


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Minoru "Minor" Miyasaki was born March 18, 1925. Minoru's father immigrated from Japan to Hawaii to work on the sugar plantation. Later, he moved to California to sharecrop strawberries and vegetables. Minoru lost his mother at an early age, and his father raised the children alone.

Minoru and his siblings helped their father on the farm before and after school. Minoru attended Warm Springs Grammar School and then Washington High School. In addition to attending primary school, he attended Japanese Language School.

When the Miyasaki family was not farming, they would travel around the Bay Area to visit relatives, do Japanese grocery shopping, celebrate festivals, and saw Japanese films.

On December 7, Minoru was at home when he heard the news about Pearl Harbor on the radio. The following day at school, all the Japanese American students were sent home from school and were told to stay home until the war ended. Later, the government issued restrictions such as blackouts, curfew, and travel restrictions.

In pre-war times, Minoru recalled discrimination. His father could not vote and own land. Also, Asians were not allowed to swim in public swimming pools or live in certain neighborhoods. After the Pearl Harbor attack, Minoru and his family evacuated to Tanofran and Topaz, Utah. Minoru graduated High school in Topaz.



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