Ray Shiiki oral history interview, part 3 of 3, September 9, 2008


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Ray Shiiki is inducted at Fort Douglas, UT then goes to Camp Hood. He is assigned to the Tank Destroyer Outfit. After Camp Hood, he goes to Fort Snelling and is assigned as Supply Sergeant, F Company.

When Fort Snelling disbanded, the soldiers transfer to Presidio, Monterey. At Presidio, Ray remains with F Company and has the same duties at Fort Snelling. On some occasions, he visits San Francisco.

The war ends, and Ray discusses his thought on the atomic bomb dropping in Japan. After being discharged from the Army, Ray does not reenlist.

Post-war, Ray becomes an independent farmer with his brother, Tan. Also, Ray marries Mary Muramatsu and has three children. Ray describes photographs of his family and sports team. Ray values and appreciates his family and friends. He says he is grateful for the opportunity to make an oral history and share his war and camp experiences with future generations.



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1927 Jan 07

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