James Fujii oral history interview, part 1 of 3, September 10, 2008


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James Mamoru Fujii was born on May 28, 1926. His parents were Bukichi "Ben" Fujii and Yoshino Yamakado Fujii. James' mother was the second wife after the first wife passed away. In the first marriage, James' father has three children.

James' father, Bukichi, was the boss of the family and a respected leader in the Troutdale Gresham Community. James' mother, Yoshino, was a hardworking and dedicated mother to ten children. She made sure the children respected and listened to their father.

James discusses the hierarchy in their family. Besides James' mother caring for the children, James' sisters took care of them too. James recalls his first childhood home was small, but later they moved to a bigger house on a farm.

All the children attended English school and Japanese school. James and his siblings were born with Japanese names. However, they received English names from their teachers because they could not pronounce their Japanese.

Growing up in the Troutdale area, the Japanese American community was close-knit and active. The Buddhist temple was a gathering place for church services and social gatherings. At least once a month, there was a social event for the community.



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