Frank Hiratsuka oral history interview, part 3 of 3, November 21, 2008


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At Fort Snelling, Frank Hiratsuka works in the postal section processing incoming mail. On his weekends off, sometimes Frank flies home to visit his parents. Frank is later assigned to go to Schofield in Honolulu, HI.

Frank's new duties are in the medic department as an administrative. He handles the paperwork for the physicals of incoming and outgoing recruits. On Frank's days off, he travels around the island and visits his uncle.

Frank recalls learning the ended when he is at Camp Maxey, TX, and he discusses his feelings about the bombing in Japan. In November 1946, Frank is discharged, and he continues his education on his GI Bill. He attends pharmacy school and works part-time at Walgreens.

After graduating, Frank works at Walgreens for several years before becoming an independent pharmacist. Then he sells his pharmacy to work for other pharmacies.

Frank is married to Margaret, and they have a son John David Hiratsuka. John is married has two sons. Frank's parents instilled in him values that he would like to pass on to his grandchildren. Frank wishes his grandchildren to be successful and happy. He hopes they will pursue their dreams.

Frank spends his retirement years being socially active with volunteering, church, and hobbies. He shares a message for future generations that he hopes the Japanese American experience never happens again for anyone else.



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