Fumio Ralph Fujimoto oral history interview, part 2 of 3, November 22, 2008


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Fujimoto continues his recollection of Pearl Harbor and the aftermath of the attacks, including curfews and getting rid of all illegal contraband. Shortly after, they would get notification of Executive Order 9066, which would force them to be moved to an American concentration camp in Arizona. He and his family would be transported there with only the personal belongings they could carry. Once arrived at Poston concentration camp, he would see the poor living conditions including dusty barracks, no privacy and creatures all over the place. He talks about the recreational activities they had there as well, and the loyalty questions that were given to all men. He would end up being drafted into the Army and would be inducted at Fort Sheridan, followed by basic training at Camp Maxey. However, during this time, Victory over Europe occurred and he would be moved to Fort Snelling to begin Military Intelligence Service. While there, Japan surrendered and the war ended. Unfortunately, he was called back home with urgency as his mother was sick and would pass away shortly after. He would be discharged from the Army, so he could take care of his little sisters.



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1923 Aug 04

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