Kenneth Takehara oral history interview, part 2 of 3, November 3, 2009


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Takehara discusses his responsibilities and experiences as a medic during combat. He would end up treating a lot of soldiers' wounds and seeing a lot of casualties as he would run around through combat to those in need. Along with that, he also speaks about the other war time experiences he had, such as taking in a prisoner of war and involvement in the Lost Battalion. Next, he discusses the medical procedure when somebody gets wounded and talking to families of soldiers who were killed during the war. His brother would serve in the Army as well but in the Pacific Theater, ending up with a lot of medals and awards for his duty. After this, Takehara shows off his uniform and the medals and awards pinned to it. Next, he talks about his reaction to the end of the war and his return to Hawaii, where he would resume normal civilian life. He would head back to Iowa to complete his degree and stayed on as a graduate assistant, where he met his future wife. He would jump around the United States before settling down in Houston, Texas.






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1923 Apr 10

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