Henry Gary Shiota oral history interview, part 6 of 6, January 31, 1999


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Henry Gary Shiota's primary duty is to work on the war crime trials at Sugamo Prison. He discusses war crime trials in Japan and the atrocities in the Philippines and Dutch East Indies.

On Gary's days off, he visits Tokyo and relatives who live in the suburbs. The benefits of being fluent in Japanese helps Gary communicate with the locals and become familiar with them. Gary enjoys sightseeing and eating the local food.

After a year in Tokyo, Gary returns to the United States. He decides to further his education and studies at International Trade in Chicago, IL. After finishing school, Gary wants to return to Asia. However, he meets his Issei wife and gets married in 1974. They have one daughter.

Gary moves to Sacramento and works for the University of California for 23 years before retiring. In Gary's retirement years, he is active with the Nisei Veterans Group. He goes to various schools to discuss his war and camp experiences.

Gary's message for future generations is not to be silent and stand up for what is right. Sus (Gary's friend) briefly discusses the Hanashi Oral History Foundation and its mission.






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