Henry Gary Shiota oral history interview, part 5 of 6, January 31, 1999


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After Germany, Henry Gary Shiota is discharged from the Army. Later he re-enlists and goes to Military Intelligence Services Language School (MISLS). Gary goes through intense training to learn about Japan. At MISLS, Gary is one of the oldest soldiers there. He says he becomes a role model for the younger Hawaiian soldiers.

After nine months at MISLS, Gary goes to Japan and is assigned to Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) in Tokyo. Gary works at the Sugamo Prison as an interpreter of the high officials, officers, and lawyers during the war crime trials.

Gary discusses Court verdicts and cases. He feels the notion of war tactics is different between the Japanese and Westerns. Gary is in Alabama when Japan is bombed, and he discusses his thoughts about the bombing.






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