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Abe discusses about his experiences being part the occupation force in Germany. He details about his post-war life. Able also comments about the changes in America, current events (2005), and gives a message to future generations.

Abe discusses about Military Intelligence Service (MIS) and getting kicked out. He details about some of his friends and his assignment with the Mobile Intelligence Training Unit (MITU). Abe also discusses about his experiences being part of the…

Abe discusses about forced removal and his experiences at Heart Mountain Concentration Camp. He details about getting drafted and father. Abe also discusses about his basic training.

Abe discusses also discusses about trying to gain weight, his father, and Chinese friends. He details Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. Abe also discusses about his experiences at Santa Anita Temporary Detention Center.

Abe gives an overview of his military career and discusses his family. He details about his childhood and schooling. Abe also discusses about growing up in Los Angeles and his home life.

K. Tsuji discusses the legacy of Nisei participation in the U.S. military. He talks about the value of education within Japanese and Japanese American culture. He shares photographs and anecdotes regarding: mentors, good character, and WW2

K. Tsuji talks about his to the U.S. from Japan and his military discharge. He discusses returning to the University of Minnesota and getting his first job post graduation. He also talks about wife and children. In addition he shares anecdotes…

K. Tsuji discusses his experiences working in Occupied Japan. He talks about how he got assigned to Japan, and aspects of his duties being a receptionist. He also describes post-war Japan and visiting with his relatives in Wakayama.

K. Tsuji discusses his MISLS training at Fort Snelling. He talks about how he sought out MISLS upon draft and details of curriculum in MISLS. He also shares anecdotes regarding college before draft and his first assignment after MISLS.

K. Tsuji talks about his experiences living at both as assembly center and internment camp. He discusses he left his family while in internment to attend college. He shares anecdotes regarding: childhood excursions to San Francisco; applying for…

K. Tsuji discusses his family background and early life in California's Central Valley. He also talks about the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack. He shares anecdotes regarding: his grandfather's and mother's immigration; and his father's strategy…
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