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Hiraoka discusses about his families watch store and living in Illinois. He details about his post-war life in Hilo, Hawaii and his marriage. Hiraoka also reflects on his military experiences and gives some closing remarks.

Hiraoka discusses about his experiences in Okinawa. He details about the role of cigarettes and getting Yellow Jaundice. Hiraoka also discusses about his experiences in San Francisco and his homecoming.

Hiraoka discusses about his childhood activities and typical day. He details about Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. Hiraoka also discusses about being drafted, joining the Military Intelligence Service (MIS), and an experience in Okinawa.

Hiraoka discusses about his family and growing up in Hilo, Hawaii. He details about his schooling. Hiraoka also discusses about his childhood and community involvement.

Mukai talks about items sold on the black market in Japan, living in a tea house, and assignments while in Japan, including working as an interpreter for war crime trials and being an interpreter for Hideki Tojo. He then talks about Japan and…

Mukai discusses the expatriation process he went through, attending Japanese school, and getting drafted. He then talks about what life was like for Japanese Americans after the start of the war, going to basic training in Hawaii and at Fort…

Mukai discusses growing up in Hawaii including talking about the plantation town he lived in; and discusses his siblings and parents. He also describes his childhood home, talks about some of the recreational activities he participated in, and…
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