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Photographs taken at Northwestern University. Top left photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu and George Shimizu with a campus building shown in the background. Bottom right photograph of Mary standing next to a tree.

Top three photographs of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu and George Shimizu's vacation at the Grand Canyon. Bottom photographs of George Shimizu, in military uniform, and Mary Shimizu at a dinner in Chicago.

Photographs of friends of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu at an outing in Chicago.

Mary Yamamoto Shimizu with two friends at a homestead in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Captions on all images.

Photographs taken from Mary Yamamoto Shimizu's trip to Amherst, Massachussetts with friends. Captions included for each photograph-- Ocean Pond overlooking Hanover, and a picnic with friends.

Taken at a dock at Lake Arrowhead. Shown are friends of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu, as well as her husband, George Shimizu (bottom right photograph).

Two Japanese American women in front of brick buildings and automobiles. Images depict a sense of travel or leisure.

First (top) three photographs taken at a beach in Santa Barbara. Bottom two photographs of "Treasure Island," one of a group of Japanese Americans aboard a boat, and the second photograph is a view of the boat on the lake, taken from the shore.

85A: Japanese American man in the snow. 85B: Japanese American man in the snow. 85C: five Japanese American men and one women standing in a park. 85D: Two Caucasian American men and one woman. 85E: Tsukiyama seated at a desk. 85F: Close-up of…

Four photographs of a large city.

Two photographs of statue of Robert E. Lee. Photograph of a Japanese American soldier. Two photographs of city streets.

Adler Planetarium, Chicago, Illinois. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, Illinois. Northrop Auditorium, University of Minnesota. Japanese American soldiers at a circus or fair.

Four photographs of Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois.

Japanese American soldiers visiting Audubon Park in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Two photographs of Japanese American soldiers visiting Loyola University in New Orleans. Two photographs of Japanese American soldiers visiting Tulane University in New Orleans and attending the Sugar Bowl.

Five photographs of individual Japanese American soldiers traveling. "Herbie in City Park," "A Wolf on the Loose," "Shiro n' 'Stonewall'," "Sus on Caval St.," and "Kato at the Art Museum," written in blue ink.

Picture of a skyscraper; "Old Glory is written in blue ink. Four soldiers and a civilian on a city street; "Jerks on parade" is written in blue ink. Five Japanese American soldiers in front of a cathedral; "Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral" is…

One photograph of three Japanese American people in front of car. Five photographs of mountainous, coastal scenes.

Caucasian couple on steps in front of house. Tsukiyama with clock tower in background.

Four photographs depicting Tsukiyama with a friend, Alcatraz, San Francisco, and a forest road.

Seven photographs of a Japanese American family engaged in leisure travel. Scenes depicting a train depot, cityscape, and ferry.

Eight pictures of Yosemite National Park.

Two Caucasian men and one Caucasian woman in front of house. Five winter scenes: five people seated in toboggan, Tsukiymama holding snowball, five people playing in the snow.

Earl Carroll Theatre Restaurant Souvenir photograph. Signatures of soldiers in photographs include: Goichi Shimanuki and three illegible names. Ted Tsukiyama wrote, "went to Earl Carrlos with Phyllis and met these boys." Tsukiyama is in the…

Nishijima discusses returning home after his overseas duty and going back to school. He also talks about his post-war employment in a produce market; meeting his wife; experiences with discrimination while trying to find an apartment; and discusses…

Captioned "Visiting a ranch home. Fillmore- August 6, 1937." Nisei girl standing with her hand in her pocket. She is standing next to a dog outside of a ranch home.

Two Nisei girls, one wearing glasses and the other with curls in her hair, laying on the sand at the beach.

Captioned "Taken at Mt. Wilson." Henry Kondo with his three siblings at Mount Wilson. They are standing in front of a large tree overlooking the hills.

Captioned "Smiling through. Taken at White Point." Three Nisei girls dressed in dresses and overcoats sitting on a rock.

Nisei girl standing on a rock next to her brother. Photo taken at "Echo Peak" at Mt. Wilson.

"Echo Peak" Mt. Wilson. Nisei girl sitting on a log overlooking Echo Peak.

Top row, left image of Katsutoshi Tabata in uniform on the balcony of a building with the Empire State Building in the background. Written on the image, "To my barracks pal Tanji, always Katsutoshi."

Top row right, image missing, written on page,…

Top row, left: James Tanji on the Rockefeller Center Roof Studio in New York. Written on photo: "Gil & Mary"; top row, right: "Base Headquarters, Bolling Field, D.C."

Bottom row, left: [Frudin] and Robert holding newborn baby. 1947; bottom row,…

Photographs captured at Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis. Gilbert Tanji is in uniform.

Mary and Gilbert Tanji at the lake.

Tanaka discusses his military experiences in Occupied Japan. He talks about cave flushing, working in Saipan, and sightseeing in Japan during his off time. He also talks about his return to Hawaii and his military discharge.

R. Tanaka discusses his experiences in Occupied Japan. He talks about interpreting assignments he had and interactions with Japanese citizens. He also talks about visits with relatives in Fukuoka both as a child and during his furlough in Occupied…

Fukushima discusses about his experiences in post-war Japan. He details his interactions with the Japanese civilians. Fukushima also discusses about the importance of Nisei linguist

M. Saito discusses his discharge from military and the travel home to Hawaii. He also talks about returning to Italy in 2001 for memorials honoring 442nd veterans; and he talks about the documentary film "Journey of Honor". In addition Saito shares…

Sakato discusses wanting to join the air force but ending up in the army. He details about basic training. Sakato also discusses about traveling on a transport ship and he also gives his opinions and thoughts about the war.

Iwasaki discusses the end of his military service and his post-war life. He also talks about spouse and children. He shares anecdotes regarding: time in Europe, courtship with spouse, and Nisei veterans' legacy.

Masuda describes what is happening in a set of photographs. Masuda discusses his medals.

Miyashiro discusses one of his good childhood friends, [Mitchell] and talks about their wartime experiences together in France and Italy. He then talks about his family members including discussing his in-laws and a contest where his father-in-law…

Tokashiki plays several songs on his harmonica. He describes a trip to Europe that he took with a veterans club. He talks about deaths in his family. He discusses friendships with his squad members. Tokashiki shares his advice for future…

Rudy Tokiwa describes his trip to Manchuria, where he and his parents visited his pregnant sister. His brother-in-law took him sight seeing in Manchuria and Korea. During his time in Manchuria, he noticed that the Manchurians respected the Japanese…

Paul recollects his forced removal and incarceration experience and details regarding his military embarkation to Europe. Paul discusses his first visit to New York City and military experience as a merchant marine, as well as his experiences during…
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