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Katayama discusses his military combat experiences in Europe. He talks about his experience at Hill 140. He also discusses what job assignments he had. In addition he relays anecdotes regarding: face to face combat, "good times" in reserves, and Earl…

Kawamoto discusses why his parents moved back to Japan before the Pearl Harbor attack. He also talks about his experience being drafted in the army. He shares anecdotes regarding: basic training, battle experiences, and his post-war life.

Imoto talks about his military service. He discusses the various military bases he was stationed at during basic training, and his experiences in combat in Europe. He also talks about his father's experience in custody with the FBI.

Saiki relays some of the hardships he faced while in battle. He also talks about his life after the war ended up in Europe. Shares details about domestic life post-war.

This interview picks up mid-story with Edward Ichiyama discussing details about his friend, Tsaneshi Naruo, as well as the eulogy of his friend, [Shimizu]. Next, Ichiyama moves on to recall his first time entering Germany and chasing the German Army…
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