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William Yoshito Thompson is a World War Two veteran who volunteered for the 442nd (Head Quarters 2nd Battalion). He is born March 15, 1924, in Hilo, Hawaii. His father is from Scotland, Ireland, and moved to Hawaii. He remains a British subject and…

Tokuda discusses his life after World War Two. He talks about his marriage and children. He describes discriminatory events he endured while looking for work. Tokuda also reflects on his war experiences and the legacy of WW2 Nisei veterans.

Giovanna discusses her husband's family's reaction to their intercultural marriage. She talks about cultural differences between Italy and Japan. She also shares concluding thoughts on maintaining a successful marriage.

Giovanna discusses some of the cultural differences she experienced with husband: food, language, social customs, and child rearing. She talks about her, and her husband lives pre-world war 2. She also shares anecdotes regarding: her adult children,…
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