William Yoshito Thompson oral history interview, part 1 of 3, June 27, 2007


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William Yoshito Thompson is a World War Two veteran who volunteered for the 442nd (Head Quarters 2nd Battalion). He is born March 15, 1924, in Hilo, Hawaii. His father is from Scotland, Ireland, and moved to Hawaii. He remains a British subject and is not able to become a citizen because of paperwork. His mother is born in Hamakuapko plantation on Maui. Her parents are from Hiroshima, Japan.

William discusses his journey of researching his family's genealogical information of his grandfather's (on his mother side) last name and his own father's last name.

William is hapa, and he describes the home life of being Scottish and Japanese American. When not attending primary school and Japanese Language School, William enjoys watching movies, swimming, playing games, and helps with household chores.

In school, William is a good student and wants to attend college. He says all his teachers are influential to his education. After graduating from High School, he works in a few places. One is the County of Hawaii with his father in the County garage. William says his father is a reputable blacksmith for his craftsmanship.

William recalls December 7 when Pearl Harbor is attacked and discusses his decision to volunteer for the 442nd.



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1924 Mar 15

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