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Sakagami discusses more about his combat experiences. He details about his time in Italy post-war. Sakagami also discusses his journey home.

Takabayashi discusses his experiences from the Gothic Line. He details about surprising the enemy and losing friends. Takabayashi also discusses about finding a dog and taking it home.

Hayashi discusses the voyage to Europe and food. He details about R&R, friends, and reunions. Hayashi also discusses about holding a position in a European town and the most useful equipment. He also discusses the voyage home and moving back to…

Takahashi discusses about his best and worst experiences during the war. He details about his interactions, experiences in France, and in Italy. Takahashi also discusses about how he was treated upon returning home, family, and reentering civilian…

Miyasato discusses about basic training and his draft classification. He details about his experiences in Europe. Miyasato also discusses about photographs.

Kono discusses receiving passes, traveling, and communicating with his family during the war. He details about awards received and coming home. Kono also discusses his career and family (wife, children, grandchildren).

Mukai discusses the general duties for the 232nd Combat Engineer Company. He discusses the importance of teamwork and dealing with the rigors of war. He also details about the lighter side of war.

Katayama discusses his military combat experiences in Europe. He talks about his experience at Hill 140. He also discusses what job assignments he had. In addition he relays anecdotes regarding: face to face combat, "good times" in reserves, and Earl…
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