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Sato discusses more about his childhood in Hawaii, playing football and track for Baldwin High School. He also talks about impactful people throughout his high school days. Next, he talks about the attacks on Pearl Harbor and how they had to black…

Mukai discusses his life after leaving the service, detailing how he met his wife and his career. He details the organizations that he is a member of. He also discusses he love for golf and gives some words of wisdom for future generations.

Kimoto details how he ended up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Kimoto discusses how he occasionally gets lost. He also discusses the lessons learned from the way the Japanese Americans were treated during World War Two.

Hamada reflects on some of the experiences he had during the war. He also details about his career after leaving the service. Hamada discusses the medals that he received.

Hoashi talks about the lessons that he learned during the war and from combat. After that, he tells about the awards that he received after he was discharged, including the Bronze Star. He would head back home to Kauai, where he would be reunited…

Sakato discusses how he explains his war experiences to his daughter. He also details about what is was like being upgraded to the Medal of Honor. Sakato gives some worlds of wisdom and explains a number of photographs.

Masuda discusses what it was like visiting his family in Tule Lake and Topaz. Masuda also details about the relationship he had with his parents. He also gives some insight of what it was like growing up a Japanese American.

While at the Topaz Concentration Camp, Kimura would see Army recruiting teams, looking for Japanese speakers to join the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). He would volunteer and pass the tests, giving him a sense of patriotism and a reason to get…
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