Sadaichi Kubota oral history interview, part 1 of 7, September 26, 2003


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Kubota discusses his Father immigration from Hiroshima, Japan. His Father is able to come to the United States in 1903 through sponsorship of his own Father. He works on the plantation before returning to Japan to marry his Mother. His parents return to the United States after the birth of their first son. Kubota's Mother is born in Hawaii but is sent to Japan when she is an infant.

Kubota''s Father is a hard worker who is quiet and kind. He instills to his children to work hard and be good to others. His Mother is philosopher and educates the Kubota and his siblings how to be good children. Kubota has two brothers and two sisters. Kubota's oldest brother is born in Japan and lives there whereas his other siblings are born in Hawaii.

Kubota lives on the plantation as a child. Although his family is poor, he grows up as a happy child. His parents work very hard to provide for the family. His Father works as a carpenter and his Mother is a house maid for the plantation supervisors. Kubota is Buddhist and attends camp church. He attends Sunday school and church services are on Wednesday nights.

In addition to attending primary school, his attends Japanese language school from 1-12 grade. He learns about morals ethic and ways of living. Kubota says these value for good for him. He also learns Judo. Besides school, Kubota is active in sports such as the plantation league basketball and baseball team.

He recalls learning about the attack on Pearl Harbor on the radio. After a week from the bombing, Kubota goes to clean up Hickham Air Force Base and sees first hand the disaster. When the announcement of Nisei Regiment Formation is looking for volunteers, Kubota goes to volunteer.






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