Sadaichi Kubota oral history interview, part 2 of 7, September 26, 2003


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Kubota discusses his decision to enlist. At the beginning of the war, non-citizens are barred from enlisting due to the enemy alien law. Kubota first learns about the Nisei Regiment Formation assembly from Japanese Community Leaders and decides to sign up.

Kubota's Mother is afraid he might go to war with his Brother in Japan but she understands why Kubota needs to serve in the army. Before leaving, his coaches sponsor a going away party. Kubota is inducted at Hilo Army and goes to Honolulu. He marches to the Iolani Palace and then goes to Schofield Barrack for attitude testing.

After passing the attitude test, Kubota travels to Camp Shelby for basic training. He is assign to Anti-Tank Company; I Company; 2nd Platoon; 1st squad. In basic training he learns that infantry training, discipline, rifle training, close combat training and 30 mile hikes in the heat.

After basic training over, Kubota is given weekend pass and furloughs . He recalls experiencing discrimination on the Mainland. On furlough, Kubota also visits Jerome. He describes the high guard tower with machine guns place around camp. At Jerome, he sees his Sunday school teacher. Kubota says the Japanese Americans are resilient and are able to take care of themselves. In camp they organize their own school system; recreation center; and hospital. The Japanese people knows how to carry on despite being in camp.






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