Tom Yamada oral history interview, part 4 of 5, October 3, 2004


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Yamada discusses his time in the Dutch East Indies now know as Indonesia. He describes seeing a lot of casualties of Prisoners of War (POWs). He says the action happens so quickly that bodies keeping piling up.

During his time overseas, Yamada has not seen wife for two and a half years but they remain in contact through snail mail. When he receives his furlough to go home, the is war ending, Yamada goes back to join unit in Manila and then goes to Japan.

When he arrives in Yokohama, General Tojo attempted suicide after Japan surrenders. One of Yamada's duties is to interrogates General Tojo at the hospital. Yamada recalls General Tojo receiving a gift of persimmons and Yamada asks if he can have one. Yamada is stationed in Yokohama for 3 months and sees the lack of food, provision and displacement of the Japanese Nationals.

In 1945, Yamada goes home and is discharge in Hawaii. He is thankful for living and the opportunity to travel. Yamada travels to Europe 11 times, been around the world, and cruises.

Yamada recollects his wife being a classmate in high school but did not know her. Later he is introduce to her by mutual friend. His wife passes away 2001. Yamada has one daughter, two grandchildren and four great grandchildren. His plans for the future to travel more to Africa and Monaco.






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