Ken Tamura oral history interview, part 1 of 7, May 1, 2000


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Ken Tamura severes in the 442nd Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Company L.
He is born in Okmulgee, OK on March 27, 1923. His parents are from Japan, and he has three sisters and a brother. Ken grows up in an isolated area on a farm.

At home, Ken speaks mainly Japanese. However, when he starts school, Ken learns English and finds it difficult at times to communicate at home. Ken is close to his siblings and has a good relationship with his father.

Ken remembers spending time helping his father on the farm and watching movies on Saturdays with him. Their favorite movie genre is cowboys.

Besides enjoying movies with his father, Ken's child activities are marbles, toppers, rope climbing, swimming in the river, and hunting.



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1923 Mar 27

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