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Ken Tamura discusses camp life and waiting to leave. His first opportunity to leave Heart Mountain is to work on a sugar beet farm. Another time Ken receives a sponsor to go to Chicago. In Chicago, Ken gets a job at the Chicago Bar Association.…

Ken Tamura discusses his childhood friend Woody and their friendship. The Tamura family sells their farm in Oklahoma and moves to Japan. Before arriving in Japan, the Tamura family visits California and Hawaii.

In Japan, Ken and his family live…

Ken Tamura severes in the 442nd Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Company L.
He is born in Okmulgee, OK on March 27, 1923. His parents are from Japan, and he has three sisters and a brother. Ken grows up in an isolated area on a farm.

At home, Ken speaks…

Nelson Akagi recalls his early life growing up in Lindsay, California. He also talks about experiencing prejudice as a child, family meals, and the Okies that migrated to the area during the Great Depression.
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