Yoshio Izumi oral history interview, part 5 of 5, November 20, 2004


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Yoshio Izumi shares his story about how he knows Sadao Munemori. Both Yoshio and Sadao meet at Camp Savage and visit Manzanar on a pass. There is news of a Nisei group being formed, and Sadao volunteers for the 442nd. Yoshio describes Sadao as easy-going and outgoing. Sadao has the nickname "Spud."

Post-war, Yoshio works various jobs and gets his licenses in real estate, brokerage, stocks and disability, and insurance. Later he works at a grocery store as a produce clerk. When he retires, he cares for his wife.

Yoshio and his wife have two children. One daughter is named Anne Mineko Izumi Kawashima, and one son, John Kazuo Izumi. Anne is married and has three children - Lisa, Lesley, and Todd. Yoshio sees his grandchildren sometimes on special occasions since they live in Orange County, CA. Yoshio also has great-grandchildren - Kono and Connor.

Yoshio regrets not having higher education and reading more in his earlier life. Therefore, his hope for his great-grandchildren is to have a good education. The best thing in American is the freedom to have an education.

Yoshio explains what citizenship, freedom, war, and discrimination mean to him. Moreover, he reflects on his friends that have passed away.



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