Yoshio Izumi oral history interview, part 4 of 5, November 20, 2004


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At Camp Savage, Yoshio Izumi is assigned to Headquarter Company and does clerical work. He is tasked with morning reports and supplies inventory. Yoshio recalls being inducted at the same time as John Aiso and seeing him at basic training at Fort Ord.

When the war starts, Camp Savage opens, Yoshio sees John again at the Military Intelligence Service Language School. The Military Intelligence Service is a top-secret unit. Yoshio credits them for their hard work and contributions.

The cold weather is the most memorable thing at Camp Savage for Yoshio. He wears long johns and heavy coats to get used to the cold. When Yoshio has free time, he goes to town to eat at a Chinese restaurant, USO, or watch movies.

In June 1944, Yoshio and his wife marry in Minneapolis. They have a dozen friends there. However, their family does not attend because they are in Manzanar. When Yoshio hears the war has ended, he hopes to go home soon. However, his wife is pregnant and cannot travel.

Yoshio's daughter was born in January 1945. They stay in Minneapolis, and he does odd jobs until they can travel to West Los Angeles. When Yoshio comes home, his home is full of people from Manzanar. After Manzanar, some people have nowhere to go. Yoshio discusses the internment camps, and he does not feel it is necessary.

After being placed in camp, Yoshio feels like the Japanese American community has to rebuild what they had. The Japanese American community bonded together and persevered.



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