Yoshio Izumi oral history interview, part 3 of 5, November 20, 2004


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On December 7, Yoshio Izumi is on his weekend leave and hears about Pearl Harbor on the radio at home. Yoshio was born and raised in the United States, and he feels he would be loyal to his homeland. He feels he is one hundred percent American.

On February 19, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 and Yoshio's family goes to Manzanar. All the Japanese American soldiers in the outfit are taken out and placed in a segregated unit. Yoshio recalls orders to dig trenches for other Military Personnel. Later the outfit is sent to serval places in the Midwest. Yoshio goes to Fort Custer, Michigan. Other Japanese American soldiers go to Camp Sheridan.

During Yoshio's service, he is transferred to many places, and it is difficult for his family to keep track and correspond. When possible, Yoshio visits his family a few times in Manzanar. He describes the camp and the living conditions of his family.

At Fort Custer, Yoshio is assigned to the Military Police (MP) and later works at the hospital as an orderly. Later, Yoshio received orders to go to Camp Savage. At Camp Savage, he is assigned to Headquarters Company doing clerical work. Besides clerical work, Yoshio recalls being tasked with coal-burning in the evening time.



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