Yoshio Izumi oral history interview, part 2 of 5, November 20, 2004


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Yoshio Izumi goes to Japanese language school first before starting English school. When his family moves from Malibu to Santa Monica, Yoshio attends Santa Monica School. The makeup of the school is primarily Caucasians students and half a dozen Hispanic students. Yoshio does not experience discrimination. In high school, Yoshio is friends with everyone. He played sports such as track and field, baseball, basketball, and football.

During the Great Depression, Yoshio does the grocery shopping for the family since he is one of the oldest of the brothers. Growing up, Yoshio has many responsibilities. He knows a few other kids in similar situations like him but is more concerned about his affairs.

When Yoshio has free time, he enjoys watching movies. He remembers trying to watch samurai movies with his friends. In high school, Yoshio likes watching high school football games. Once in a while, Yoshio goes to amusement parks with his friends. He recalls traveling to San Francisco for the World Fair and a football game in high school.

In the winter of 1938, Yoshio graduates high school at 19 years old. Then he briefly attends junior college because he has to help with the flower business. Yoshio feels he will continue the family business but hears the news about a draft in the Army.



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1918 Sep 15

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