Eji Suyama oral history interview, part 1 of 5, March 29, 2008


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Suyama explains how he got his name. He talks about his father's early life. He describes his father's work on the railroad. He talks about his father's knowledge of languages. He talks about his father's educational background. He shares memories of his mother and father. He describes his mothers early life. He discusses his mothers personality and appearance. Suyama talks about her parent's marriage. He describes his siblings. He describes the food that he had at his home. He discusses the demographics of his community in Seattle, Washington. He talks about his community in Seattle, Washington. He discusses his move to Wapato, Washington. He describes his childhood in Seattle and Wapato. He talks about his family's community involvement and his friendships. Suyama discusses his religious upbringing and family holidays. He describes the foods he ate on special occasions. He talks about his experiences in Japanese language school and high school. He explains the differences between Seattle and Wapato. He discusses what he did in his childhood leisure time. He talks about his field of study at the University of Washington. He describes his summer work at his home. He talks about the discrimination that Japanese Americans faced in certain fields. He explains the racial quotas that universities practiced. He discusses his enlistment. He describes his work as a produce buyer.








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1920 Feb 04

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