Eji Suyama oral history interview, part 2 of 5, March 29, 2008


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Suyama talks about a high school debate. He describes the 21st century banking industry. He continues to discuss his enlistment. He shares his knowledge of World War Two. He describes the Lend Lease Act. He shares his thoughts on Japan's actions leading up to the war. He talks about the book, the Tale of Genji. He talks about his time at Camp Barkeley. He discusses the Attack on Pearl Harbor and the aftermath. He continues to describe his friendships. He talks about his life while stationed at Fort Wayne. He describes the discrimination that he witnessed while in the South. He discusses his military assignments while at Fort Wayne. Suyama shares his knowledge of segregated units before joining one. He explains how his proficiency in Japanese was tested. He talks about being transferred to Fort McClellan and his life there. He lists the other places where he has been stationed. He discusses receiving shipping orders. He describes a visit with family while they were living in a concentration camp. He describes his journey to Europe. He lists his ranks at Fort Meade and Fort Wayne. He talks about joining the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.








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1920 Feb 04

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