Masatatsu Yonemura oral history interview, part 3 of 8, June 4, 2005


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Masatatsu "Mas" Yonemura discusses in 1941 he is in his third year of law school and works part time as a librarian monitor. Yonemura learns at the news of Pearl Harbor through a friend. Yonemura is in disbelief by the news of events. The following day of the attack, he takes an exam for class.

Due to the Selective Service Act of 1940, Yonemura figures a draft lottery would be called early. The Enemy Alien Law is still in effect and the only way for Yonemura to serve is to join the to army. Yonemura is aware about Military Intelligence Service (MIS) and ask his teachers to write a letter to indicate his loyalty to America.

February of 1942, he receives a notice to report to the army on February 25. Before going to be inducted, Yonemura goes home to say good bye to family. The following day, his Father and his fiancee's Father is pickup by the FBI for association as Nihonjinkai Community Leaders. Yonemura's Father goes to Santa Fe New Mexico Army Installation. Before his loyalty hearing , he ask Yonemura to send him a picture. Yonemura's Father is then release and sent to Poston with the rest of the Family.

Yonemura goes to Camp Robertson for infantry training camp. Fifteen Nisei are assign to each company. The Nisei make up 25% of the training company and the other Nisei are ship to Camp Crowder in Missouri. These Nisei are assign to odd jobs including Yonemura. Yonemura works as a cook and then moves to payroll records. Later he is transfer to Camp Savage as a laborer not for training. With the help of John Iso, Yonemura is able to getting tutoring to get into the Language classes.

When Yonemura is at basic training at Camp Savage, his fiancee, Toshiko is eligible for release from Poston due to a job offer.








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