Isamu Saito oral history interview, part 1 of 6, June 28, 2005


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Isamu "Sam" Saito was born on April 27, 1925, in Seattle, Washington. His parents are from Japan and immigrated to the United States for a better opportunity. Sam's parents are instrumental in shaping him in his informal years of education.

The values Sam's father instilled in him was live your own life and create your opportunities. Education is the key to success. Both Sam's father and mother instilled the values of hard work, education, and honestly.

Sam's mother was a missionary-educated person and spoke English. At home, English is the primary language to help his parents learn more English. To help Sam with his Japanese language, his mother has a private tutor for him. Later, Sam attended Japanese language school after primary school. At Japanese language school, he learns reading and writing. He attended Japanese language school for almost 12 to 13 years. Besides school, Sam enjoys baseball.

When the Great Depression happened, Sam recalls his father doing his best to provide for the family and the community coming together to help another. Moreover, Sam recalls Reverend Andrews, a supporter of the Japanese Americans during camp.



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1925 Apr 27

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