Arthur Ishimoto oral history interview, part 1 of 2, October 12, 2010


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Ishimoto begins the interview talking about his whereabouts when he first heard of the surrender of Japan. At this time, he was already beginning preparations to move into Japan for scheduled invasions, and therefore, when shipped to Japan, he would begin his time working for the occupational forces. When arriving, he immediately noticed the pure destruction of buildings, and was given an assignment to head to Okinawa. While there, he would speak to Japanese civilians, who would tell him that they had planned to fight until the end for their country and had makeshift weapons ready. After this, he was given an assignment to teach Japanese translations to students. Next, he talks about his various friends that were involved in the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) and the campaigns that they were involved with. He talks about how the synergy and contribution of the Nisei is much broader than most people realize. After this, he talks about the difference in seeing Atsugi Air Base at the beginning of the occupation and at the end when he would be sent back home. Ishimoto also talks about Japan's defensive positions before the war ended and his personal identity of being American.






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