Patrick Aki oral history interview, part 3 of 5, February 25, 2011


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Aki continues to talk about his experience as a prisoner of war on Wake Island. There, he would be treated pretty normally, although there were some casualties and they were guarded by the Japanese Army. He also talks about one incident that was given a death penalty for a POW. From there, they would be shipped overseas to Sasebo, Japan, and when arriving there, would be in very cold weather. He talks about his mentality during these times, never fearing his life and just making sure he survived because he knew that the United States would end up winning the war. He talks about the other prisoners of war that he knew, some not having the same fighting spirit that he had, while others were from various places in Asia. After this, he speaks about the food that they ate and getting wooden shoes made from another POW. Next, he speaks about how he would ask people to find out about how the war was going and find out where they were located, even being able to see in the far distance the Battle of the Midway. After this, they would be moved to Fukuoka to work on a runway and then to a coal mine.






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