Paul Ichiuji oral history interview, part 1 of 2, April 26, 2011


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Terumoto "Paul" Ichiuji was born in Pacific Grove. He was very active in high school with sports and the student body and had many friends.

Before December 7, 1941, Paul's brother, Joe, and cousin were drafted into service. Paul recalls hearing about the Pearl Harbor attack on the way to see his cousin leave for the Philippines. Paul was a senior in high school when President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066.

March of 1942, the Ichiuji family evacuated, and Paul left school and his friends behind. Paul and his family went to Poston, AZ. Joe was discharged by the Government and he joined his family in Poston. Later, Joe volunteered for the 442nd.

Paul left Boston to go to school and was drafted when he was reclassified to 1A. Before going overseas, he was recruited into the Military Intelligence Service School. However, Paul was not fluent in Japanese. Later, he was recruited to the CIC (Counter Intelligence Corps).

After completing his training at Camp Holabird, Paul went overseas to the occupation of Japan. He spent his time in Mie-ken, Japan, gathering information. Paul made relationships with Japanese Government Officials, Informants, and Japanese nationals.

Before returning home to the United States, Paul recalls the CIC was interrogated by an investigative team. There was a complaint about the Black Market. Paul discusses the Blacket Market and its connection with getting intel.



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