Masato Eddy Kurushima oral history interview, part 5 of 8, February 23, 2002


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In the six months at Fresno, the Kurushima family learns how to make the most of the situation in Jerome. Masato Eddy Kurushima says the barracks at Jerome are similar to Fresno Fair Grounds Relocation Center. He describes the living conditions and the effects on the nuclear family relationship. Eddy mentions his mother's philosophy of keeping the family together. Having the family together during camp is the most important to their family.

After the loyalty questionnaire, Eddy left Jerome in 1943 and went to work in Davenport, IA, for six months. Before going into service, Eddy visited his parents in Rohwer, AK. His parents were transferred to Rohwer because Jerome closed in April 1944.

Later, Eddy learned about the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) and volunteers for the MIS. Eddy goes Camping Savage and then to Fort McClellan for basic training. Eddy does his basic training with the Hawaiian soldiers and goes to Camp Snelling.

Eddy goes overseas to the Pacific Theater. In the Philippines, there are 20 linguists on a team. Eddy says the Kibei are helpful with reading and writing. The Kibei are similar to the natives of Japan.



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