Masato Eddy Kurushima oral history interview, part 6 of 8, February 23, 2002


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At Camp Savage, Masato Eddy Kurushima learns Japanese to be am interpreter. He recalls studying late at night to learn the vocabulary and kanji characters.

Eddy also goes to basic training for eight weeks. His learns infantry training and weapons training. The reality of war sets in when Eddy is under fire at training.

While in training, Eddy had opportunities to go on leave and visit his parents at Rohwer, AR. Eddy discusses the irony of being Japanese Americans in camp and being considered white on the East Coast.

After graduating from training, Eddy goes overseas to the Pacific and arrives in Manila. Eddy's first assignment was at Luzon POW Camp. Later Eddy was assigned to help a First Lieutenant to question POWs. Eddy describes the difference of being an interpreter in the Pacific versus being an interpreter for his father growing up.

Post-war, the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) does not have an organization for Eddy to join. Therefore, he joined the 442nd Nisei Veterans Organization. Even after the war, he finds himself still translating and interpreting for others.



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