Masato Eddy Kurushima oral history interview, part 7 of 8, February 23, 2002


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Masato "Eddy" Kurushima discusses why the natives in the Pacific did not like anyone with Japanese ancestry. Eddy recalled an encounter with the Filipino natives and was mistaken for Japanese soldiers. Eddy says there was always a guard with the linguists for protection. Overall, linguists are treated well in the Pacific.

In the Pacific, there were cases of Japanese soldiers impersonating Nisei soldiers. Therefore, remembering the password is vital. Eddy also discussed acts of heroism in the Pacific. He recalls a Kibei on the frontline rescuing a Japanese soldier.

At the end of the war, Eddy processed the prisoners and civilians at the POW Camp. He shares the difficult part of being an MIS. After the Pacific Theater, Eddy goes to occupation Japan.

Going to Japan post-war, Eddy sees the destruction of the cities and the suffering of the locals. Prewar, you associate the Japanese people and the country with beauty. However, that has changed because of the devastation. Eddy was assigned to Sugamo Prison and the Zama Replacement Depot.



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