James Murata oral history interview, part 5 of 5, April 20, 2002


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James Murata described his war experience as embittered and prideful. He discusses the consequences of human beings’ actions. He believed the Nisei served their country with loyalty and honor during World War Two. James does not think about evacuation and camp experience. Those events are in the past to him. The future is what is more important.

After being discharged, James went to Detroit to reunite with his family. He worked for Dodge Main, an automobile manufacturer. After living in Michigan for several years, James and his wife moved to Los Angeles, CA, in 1951. He worked as a refrigeration mechanic.

James shared a story of how he met his wife at a bus terminal before going to Japan. They remained in contact when James was in Japan. In 1949, James and his wife married in Michigan, and they have two children, Judith and Paul, and four grandchildren. He loves being a grandfather.

James' message for the next generation is to carry good traits from one generation to the next. His parents taught him values and morals, which he passed on to his children and future generations. James cherished the traits of respecting the elders and obligations to your family.



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