Leo Morishita oral history interview, part 1 of 4, September 11, 2007


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Leo Morishita is born December 24, 1923, in Shelley, Idaho. Leo's parents are from Hiroshima, Japan, and immigrates to the United States for a better life. When Leo's father arrives in the United States, he works on the railroad and later becomes a farmer. Due to the Alien Land Law, Issei cannot own land. When Leo's oldest brother turns 18, the family buys a farm under his name.

Leo grows up on the farm with four siblings. In Idaho Falls, there is a Japanese School that Leo attends after primary school and on Saturdays. Besides school, Leo participates in sports. On Sundays, Leo would attend Mormon Church but later attends a Methodist Church.

At home, Leo speaks primarily Japanese. He enjoys listening to the radio, hunting, and fishing. On New Year, Leo's mother prepares a special meal and invites friends to their house.

After the Pearl Harbor attack, Leo recalls curfews and restrictions that are enforced.



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1923 Dec 24

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