Robert Sugimoto oral history interview, part 4 of 5, October 15, 2007


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At Camp Shelby, Robert Sugimoto learns he is AWOL because there are no traveling orders. He tries to visit his family at Poston. However, Poston is under the Western Defense Command. Although Robert is in Army, he is not allowed to go.

Robert goes overseas to Okinawa. He describes the situation in Okinawa. Robert has to translate documents for strategic worth. He recalls the American Infantry finding a map, but Headquarters did not receive it until later. By knowing the location of the Japanese cannons is the beginning of the Japanese Army's downfall.

In Okinawa, there are propaganda leaflets that cause many civilians to commit suicide. Robert remembers two little girls who lose their mother. Suicides are happening all over Okinawa. Robert also mentions cave flushing. Many of the civilians are hiding in the caves.

Besides translating documents, he works at the POW Camp. He recalls hearing an announcement that Japan surrenders. Before going home, Robert gets a souvenir.

Robert returns to the United States and is discharge at Fort MacArthur, and he reunites with his family in Detroit, MI.



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