Minoru Miyasaki oral history interview, part 4 of 4, October 15, 2007


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Overseas, Minoru Miyasaki spent his time in Italy seizing the mountain from the German soldiers. When Minoru was not in combat, he was a litter-bearer. He recalls carrying Senator Daniel Inouye in a stretcher to the Aid Station. Minoru explains the medics helped the wounded, and the Grave Register Unit helped retrieve the casualties off the field.

Minoru describes life on the battlefields and having three close calls with German shells. Soldiers' lives were not the only ones in danger. Minoru explains the Officers tried to avoid being a target by the German soldiers. Therefore, the Officers dressed the same as the soldiers in the field.

At the end of the war, Minoru stayed to guard the German Prisoners and the supplies because he did not have enough points to return home. In 1946, Minoru was discharged from the Military at Fort Meade, Maryland, and went to San Francisco, CA, on a bus. Coming home, Minoru was decorated with the Combat Infantryman Badge, Presidential Unit Citation, three battle stars of his European Campaign, and Good Conduct.

Post-war, Minoru worked a few jobs before working for Peralta College for 25 years before retiring. Minoru married Lilly and had two children, Karen, and Kevin. Minoru was active with the Nisei Veterans Group and going to reunions. Minoru felt the Nisei legacy helped open opportunities for future generations, and he donated his book of war photographs to Go For Broke National Education Center.



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