Kenichi Muranaga oral history interview, part 1 of 3, October 22, 2007


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Kenichi Muranaga is born on December 21, 1924, in Los Angeles, CA. Kenichi's father immigrates to the United States from Japan and meets Kenichi's mother in Hawaii. The two get married and move to Los Angeles, CA, before settling in Gardena, CA.

Kenichi has the utmost respect and appreciation for his father. He says his father is hardworking to provide for the family. Kenichi comes from a family of nine siblings. Kenichi discusses his childhood and his school years in Gardena.

Life changes for Kenichi and his family Kenichi after the Pearl Harbor attack. He recalls the aftermath and the announcement of Executive Order 9066 (EO9066). The Muranaga family evacuates to Santa Anita Assembly Center and then Amache, CO.

Kenichi leaves camp to work at a few jobs before getting drafted into the Army. When Kenichi is in basic training, he receives news of his oldest brother, Kiyoshi's death overseas.



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1924 Dec 24

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