Kenichi Muranaga oral history interview, part 2 of 3, October 22, 2007


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Kenichi and Kiyoshi Muranaga leave Amache to work on a sugar beet farm. Kenichi describes their living accommodations and their duties at the farm. Their father also has a job but he works in the mess hall at Amache.

In 1944, Kiyoshi volunteers for the 442nd. Kenichi and Yoshiro also want to volunteer, but Kiyoshi says one person from their family is enough. Their mother agrees.

At Amache, a loyalty questionnaire is given to the internees. Kenichi explains his thoughts on the questions and what is a no-no boy. Although, Santa Anita and Amache's security is almost the same. Kenchi says you can leave Amache to go to work. Sometimes Kenichi goes to the nearest city Granada for entertainment.

In camp, Kenichi receives his draft notice and reports to Fort Logan for induction. After, he goes to Camp Blanding for his basic training. While in basic training, Kenichi gets news of his brother Kiyoshi's death. Kenichi returns to Amache for the funeral service.

When Kenichi goes overseas, he understands what war is. He sees causalities first hand. He describes Champagne Campaign, Bruyeres, and the Gothic Line. At the end of the war, Kenichi has a chance to join the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). However, he decides to return to the States and get married.

Post-war, Kenichi marries Yoshiko, and they have been married for 60 years. He works a few jobs before owning seven laundromats.



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