Minoru Miyasaki oral history interview, part 3 of 4, October 15, 2007


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Minoru Miyasaki reported to Fort Douglas before going to Camp Shelby for basic training. At Camp Shelby, the Privates and Rookies were all Nisei with a few Hawaiian Nisei. Minoru was assigned to 442nd, Company G, 4th Platoon, and trained as a motorman. On his weekend pass, Minoru visited Hattiesburg and Washington DC. Minoru discusses seeing segregation in the South.

After completing his basic training at Camp Shelby, Minoru traveled to Tule Lake to visit his father. When Minoru left Tule Lake, he boarded a bus, and the passengers applauded him. The experience was different from what the African Americans experienced in the South.

From New York, Minoru and his brother, John, departed to go overseas. A winter storm on the Atlantic Ocean caused a rough voyage for the soldiers. During the trip, German submarines were spotted in the ocean. Therefore, the Aquitania took a detour to Glasgow, Scotland, instead of England.

Minoru joined the 442nd in the South of France. When he was not a mortarman, he was a litter carrier picking up wounded Nisei. In Italy, Minoru fought with the Allied troops and the 92nd Division. Minoru recalls artillery fire from the German soldier. He describes the battle on top of Mount Fogarito.



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