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Mita discusses his experiences working with the Civil Censorship Detachment in occupied Japan. He also details about working with the Counter Intelligence Corps and the rest of his career in the military. Mita discusses the veteran organizations he…

Fujimori reflects on being sent to American Concentration Camps and his experiences in the military. He details about the role MIS played during the war. Fujimori also discusses veteran organizations and gives a message to future generations.

Suzuki discusses being at Fort Benning when the war ends and going to Japan for occupation. He details about his experiences in post-war Japan.
Suzuki discusses his military career and the additional training he received.

Takimoto discusses about his experiences in post-war Japan. He details about his experiences during the Korean War. Takimoto also discusses about his experiences post Korean War.

J. Owada discusses his military experience. He talks about his service enlistment and carrying out service in Post-War Japan. He also talks about his life after serving in the military, and his experience as an honor guard.

Kurata continues to explain working in Chiba. He discusses more about the time spent in Japan, including the problem with communism. Kurata details about making a career within the military.

At Fort Snelling, Frank Hiratsuka works in the postal section processing incoming mail. On his weekends off, sometimes Frank flies home to visit his parents. Frank is later assigned to go to Schofield in Honolulu, HI.

Frank's new duties are in…

Kim discusses his experiences in the Korean War. He details about his military career and the unbreakable bonds he formed. Kim also discusses what makes a leader.
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